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The Cellar Story

Hello From the Cellar!
I'm sure many of you, or at least those of you who don't know me,  are wondering why in the world I'm creating out of a Cellar..... am I right?
Well, it's not like an old time Cellar that might bring to mind, cold, damp and maybe a bit scary.  None of these definately.  I am fortunate enough to have a sweet little Studio where I create, have friends gather to create alongside me and lots of other fun stuff.    You'll find it in what some might refer to as a basement or lower level.  Those were just to ordinary sounding to me and I kinda like that name from days gone by.  

The Cellar is found in our reproduction 3/4 Cape that we built on our homestead property eight years ago.... gosh, seems like yesterday.  When I say reproduction I need to clarify that it's not like many homes you see built to replicate the early homes to the t.  Although I would've loved to have done that, we felt at our age it might be best to just make it close!!  
It's cozy and welcoming to all and we live in every square inch of it and love it.  

I have loved textiles and stitching forever and a day and have always wished to have more time for it.  After 48 years as a Hair Stylist, 16 years as a Proprietor of a Primitive, Country & Antiques shop, I'm finally semi retired from the first and we closed our shop in 2016 and I am now stitching whenever I get a spare minute or 40!  

I say "we" and "our" as I live here with my sweet husband who you'll hear referred to as BigPops aka Wayne and our two Yellow Labs, Ivy and Lola.

I could go on and most likely bore you to death so I'll leave it at this, at least for now.  
I hope you'll find some items you like and that after stepping inside you'll have the urge to visit us oftenl
Thanks for stopping by, hope you can drop by again soon.

From the Cellar ~
Sharon, BigPops,
Ivy & Lola

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